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About Me

Growing Up Creative

Born in central California, I discovered my love for making things at an early age. My parents, both creatives in their own right, quickly recognized my artistic inclinations and nurtured my interests by enrolling me in a wide array of after-school classes and activities. From creative writing and painting to photography and beyond.

Winning my first photography competition.

By age 11, my family took a leap of faith and relocated to Springfield, MO, which has been my home ever since. It was around this time that I first gained access to a computer and dove headfirst into the world of online content creation. I quickly discovered YouTube, which was still in its infancy, and became fascinated by the platform. Inspired by the potential, I set my sights on creating my own YouTube channel and producing video content to share online.

Filming everything with a camera in hand.

As I grew older, my passion for video production evolved from a hobby into a potential career path. I shifted my focus from my YouTube channel to leveling up my skills for real-world applications. Alongside this, I developed other interests in creative disciplines that complemented my video production abilities, such as graphic and web design.

Co-Founding My Own Video Production Company

During my senior year of high school, I had the opportunity to begin my college education early, so I started studying electronic media production at Ozark Technical Community College. It was here that I met Matt McClelland, who would become a lifelong creative collaborator and friend. We bonded over our shared creative vision and entrepreneurial aspirations.

Capturing footage in our new Film Appeal merchandise.

Together, we founded Film Appeal, which began as a full-service creative agency and eventually narrowed its focus to become a video production company specializing in corporate videography.

Through our partnership, we had the opportunity to work with several amazing clients, allowing us to grow as both creatives and individuals. Operating the business taught me invaluable lessons about running a company and took us on several unforgettable adventures.

After three years, Matt and I amicably disbanded the business, as I shifted my focus into graphic design full time.

Pursuing a Path in Design

With my interests in video production behind me, I joined Murney Associates, Realtors as a Creative Coordinator, providing design support for over 500 real estate agents. It was at Murney where I elevated my design abilities from a mere hobby to a professional pursuit. By the end of my tenure, I had risen to the role of Marketing Director, leading a small team and spearheading initiatives to streamline the department's processes, focusing on both design and broader marketing initiatives.

As time progressed, I set my sights on joining a boutique agency to focus on brand design. In 2021, I received an offer to join Hook Creative as a Lead Designer. There, I worked alongside a talented team to craft dynamic brand identities and deliver industry-leading design solutions.

Eventually, my diverse skill set led to new opportunities at Hook. In 2023, I was promoted to Creative Marketing Director, where I managed several design and marketing retainer clients and focused on enhancing Hook's marketing and positioning.

Personal Life

Outside of work, I continue to pursue creative projects. My friend Matt (yes, that Matt) and I co-founded Shuffle Quest, a YouTube channel exploring music facts and history. To date, the channel has garnered over 15,000 subscribers and 11 million lifetime views.

When I'm not creating, you can find me exploring the great outdoors of Missouri. I enjoy discovering backroads and small towns around the Ozarks, hiking, kayaking, and my latest obsession—fishing.

Some "Fun" Facts About Me:

• I subscribe to the concept of minimalism and intentional living, both personally and professionally.

• My girlfriend, Kayla, and I are avid LEGO collectors.

• I've been gluten-free since 2019.

Ollie (Left), Possum (Right)

Currently, my girlfriend, Kayla and I reside in Springfield, Missouri, with our two cats, Ollie and Possum. We enjoy tending to our houseplants, styling our mid-century modern home, and taking in all that the Ozarks has to offer.